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Manufactured by the well-known Adidas themselves, the pair of SM II shoes bring back their traditional design with a bit of a modern twist. Available in slightly different color variations and resembling a type of running, hiking, or bowling shoe (maybe all three combined), the well-received to the public pair of shoes boasts a number of features, despite being a simple piece of clothing. Features include the following:

  • Lightweight and very durable, can be worn for casual recreation-wear or heavy-duty workout sessions
  • Soft leather construction, but lightweight
  • Design of the lace aspect is single-lace, pivot style
  • Women must order 1 size smaller for this shoe (normally advertised as men’s)

Breakdown of the Features

Okay, the above listed features are a little hard to take in at once, but they scream “customer happiness”. The reason why we say the aforementioned is because not only do they cater to runners or those who are just into the fashion side, they also cater to women who want to wear the normally-marketed-towards-men pair of shoes. Those who want to wear this shoe and are female must choose a size down in order to ensure the best fit. If you already know your size in men’s and for this fit, you don’t have to worry about this. The actual design of the shoe has quite a few neutral color palettes available, and has the traditional three-stripe design. Beyond this, the design and structure is composed of soft leather and boasts about being lightweight. Whether you want to wear these for a heavy-duty personal training session, or you simply want to look good in your casual meets urban streetwear look, these shoes are for you. Available at an attractive price, we’re surprised these aren’t sold out! As for the design lace aspect of this shoe, it’s composed of a single-lace system that has increased mobility due to the style of sole – the pivoting style. Having this in a show allows those workouts to feel like you’re walking on air. Beyond this, there are four neutral colored variations of colors that this shoe comes with, including “white”, black with white stripes, and two other black striped variations. While there isn’t much of a difference, for shoe heads, every variation matters and differs.

The First Impression of the Product

My first impression of the product upon opening the link was that I wasn’t too sure of how to pair up this style of shoe. While the actual design of the stripes goes way back to what design Adidas is known for, the overall shape of the shoe and weight was something I had to take head-on for the first time. After doing a bit of fashion research (something I’ve always loved doing), I realized that I had a plethora of fashion combinations for incorporating this pair of shoes. However, I also don’t mind the general workout that I can use this pair of shoes with. Not only will I be fashionable (and keep my pride while I’m sweating buckets), but I’ll be able to do so comfortably without harming my feet. I’ll mention that I was at first not too sure of the whole sizing aspect, as I was originally taught that females should be three sizes down of men’s, but I went with Adidas suggestion anyway and decided to get only one size down. I’m glad I listened because they’re the perfect fit! Without that, I may have been out some money because I get really lazy at returning items and never end up doing it. For men who have the standard foot size, you’ll have no problem choosing your size in this shoe. If you’re wondering about advantages and disadvantages, along with what’s included with this pair of shoes, then you may want to tune in below. We even have a “final verdict” section where we tell you if we recommend the shoe or not.

The Advantages of the Product

One of the primary advantages of this product is that they’re available for both men’s and women’s without having a huge size conversion. The fact that Adidas caters their shoes in every aspect to whoever wants them is great customer service. Another aspect of this shoe that’s admirable is the composition of materials along with the ability for it to be lightweight. When you hear “leather” sometimes you don’t always think that “lightweight” comes to mind. With this shoe, the soft leather allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds with durability, style, and longevity, along with a lightweight ability.

The Disadvantages of the Product

We can’t say that there are too many disadvantages, but there is one that’s prominent. The fit of the shoe for some is off, and the “as expected” percentage chimes in at aoround 77%. While some people aren’t so lucky as to be able to choose the shoe 1 size down (for women converting the sizes), there are some that unfortunately it didn’t work for. However, this sizing issue is more to do with the manufacturer’s size chart and list, rather than the construction and performance of the shoe. Regardless, the shoe is fantastic and fuses modern with traditional Adidas with style and ease.

What’s in the Box?

Within the contents of this package, when shipped, you’ll receive the lightweight pair of Adidas SM II shoes. While there aren’t a plethora of accessories that come with, you’re paying for a shoe – you shouldn’t be expecting a bunch of gifts, too! Although, we LOVE when companies gift extra goodies, that’s just not the case with this pair of shoes.

The Final Verdict

Overall, we highly suggest the Adidas SM II shoes once you figure out your sizing. When you get past this aspect, you’re able to perform and excel in the gym or in your casual life with this pair of shoes. While the variations of colors aren’t really true variations, the performance and durability of this soft leather pair of shoes will have you recommending and raving to your friends within the first day.

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