ASICS Men’s GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe Review

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4.7/5 on February 7, 2017

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If you are looking for a new pair of great running shoes check out these ASICS Kayano-22 running shoes and take a step in the right direction for a more comfortable running experience. Pun a little bit intended.

In all seriousness, though, these shoes are great for my daily running routine. If you are a regular runner, like me, then you already know what you are looking for and if you have any special needs for your footwear. But if you are new let me tell you about a few things I really liked about this shoe. Some of them are pretty standard and you should think about looking for them every time you consider a running shoe for daily use, others are more brand specific. Mostly just keep in mind that no matter what the features are, if you think a shoe is uncomfortable you won’t be likely to use it and what would be the point then? So, here is what the Kayano-22 has to offer:

  • Cushioned support for ball of foot, arch, and heel
  • Impact guidance system
  • Multi-directional mesh upper
  • External support for heel
  • Breathable + flexible in design
  • Inline designed to control moisture
  • Low ankle curve to avoid friction

Breakdown of the Features

The thing I really love about this pair of running shoes is how much impact support it gives your foot. The insoles are very comfortable and absorbent, supporting both my heel and ball, but also are very supportive of my arch as well. The rubber soles have a great bounce when you’re running. This is really important to have in a running shoe. You obviously want the sole to absorb the impact of your foot every time but you wouldn’t want your foot to sink into the cushion either. That would slow down your running and make it more difficult for you to raise your foot instantly. Think about it like running in sand. The bounce give you good forward momentum with every step, rather than slowing you down.

ASICS actually uses a firm molding on the outside of the shoe, right around the ankle and heel in order to add additional support. They call this the Impact Guidance System (IGS) and it is designed to assist you in a natural and safe way when running by directing your foot in the right direction from the heel down. It is also a level 5 in cushioning and is designed for great stability. This decreases the likelihood of face planting in asphalt to the soundtrack of your playlist bathed in the first light of dawn. Not that that has ever happened to me or anything. If you have an over pronation, like I do, these shoes are a huge relief and don’t cause any additional stress or strain.

Another feature that adds to the comfort and flexibility of this running shoe is the mesh upper. The upper is the top part of your shoe where the laces attach to the rest of it. I have had some really nice shoes in the past with comfortable soles, but the upper was made from a less flexible material. This can cause friction on the top part of your foot when running and can also affect the overall flexibility of the shoe.

The low ankle design is also really important. I have really boney ankles and have had friction issues many times if the ankle comes up too high. But these ones are nice and low so there are no worries, and with the added hard skeletal structure around the heel it help support the ankle and keep it straight.

Since the soles are made of rubber the shoes is extremely flexible while maintaining good impact absorption. I’m pretty sure there is no natural way your foot could bend to cause this shoe to have any issues with. It is also made of a lightweight fabric with lots of little holes to allow your feet to breathe easy while you get your heart pumping.

I can’t say that I particularly care personally about the color selection, but my wife was really excited about it. She ended up getting a pair of the women’s Kayano-22’s after I told her about how comfortable they were because she has flat feet too and usually uses an elliptical instead of running because of that and additional joint pain. She enjoyed being able to find a color combination she liked (she hates pink and apparently, it’s hard to find good sports shoes for women without it). She still doesn’t run as much as I do and still uses the elliptical most of the time but she says it does make it much easier on her feet as well.

The last thing I will add about this running shoe is the moisture controlled inline. I think this is pretty standard with any good running shoe but should not be overlooked. Basically, the fabric of the inner lining is made of a material that is able to dry quickly combined with the ability of air to move through the outer lining. This means that your shoe won’t retain a lot of moisture and is able to dry out faster so you won’t be left with soggy socks after your run

The Advantages of the Product

The biggest advantage I think this shoe has to offer is the bounce in the flexible rubber soles and the IGS. I can definitely say it’s improved the way I run by training my feet to be in the right place every time I take a step and the amount of cushion and support the Kayano-22 gives me is a must for my over pronation. They are very breathable so you don’t have to worry about suffocating your feet. Also, they have a really good color selection if that’s your jam.

The Disadvantages of the Product

The only real downside with this shoe is the price, which I think is perfectly reasonable for a quality shoe. I suppose it’s a lot of money for someone who might be new to running or unsure about what they are looking for in a shoe. But, if you know what you want then I think what they are charging is about average for a long-lasting shoe with lots of support.

The Final Verdict

Overall, I think the ASICS Kayano-22 is a great running shoe for the price; especially if you have any kind of foot problem that requires a lot of support for comfortable running. For the price point, as we mentioned, you really can’t find a more decent shoe. It provides support, and aesthetically pleasing vibes with optimal comfort. While not every shoe is for every type of runner, we think you’ll find solace in knowing this shoe exists.

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