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Are you new to the TaeKwonDo competitive scene? Or are you a seasoned veteran who is ready to amplify their game with the best TaeKwonDo shoes the market has to offer? Chances are, you’re one of the two and are looking for a very specific pair of shoes to further your game. In this article, you’ll find the benefits of buying taekwondo shoes, factors to consider before purchasing said shoes, and tips on how to choose the best taekwondo shoes for your needs.

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Benefits of Buying Taekwondo Shoes

One of the primary benefits of having shoes for the specific sport, especially training and competitive-wise, is being able to have your own pair of designated shoes for training and competitions. Using a normal pair of sneakers may prove to be too heavy and bulky for the precise movements you need. Beyond this, you’ll only have one pair of shoes. If you’ve more familiar with Taekwondo, you understand that shoes that are used for training and other aspects of this sport wear out much easier because of the high-impact movements. When you use a normal shoe for this, you risk shoveling out more money because you also use those shoes afterwards for normal daily tasks (work, home life, school, etc.)

Another benefit of having your own shoes is you don’t have to borrow or rent any from anywhere else. You can use your own shoes as you see fit, and as frequently as you need to. We aren’t sure of too many places that rent taekwondo shoes, but it probably exists, and having your own is definitely a positive in comparison with this.

Lastly, instead of borrowing, you can have your pair that’s catered to your foot size. With taekwondo shoes, they are generally less wide-width and much thinner because of the precise movements you’ll have to take part in.  Having your own pair of these shoes will disable you from using someone else’s size and enable you to use your own size, performing at your best. Beyond this, you’ll have a clean pair that you’ll know where they’ve been. In the next section, we’ll discuss factors, and beyond that -tips on how to choose the best pair.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Shoes

Before buying the best taekwondo shoes, you should know a few factors before deciding. In knowing the following factors and tips, you’ll be able to find the perfect shoe for you. Whether this has to do with performance or sizing, this guide was created to help you eliminate time wasting when it comes to shopping online for shoes. Factors to consider include the following:

Sizing: It’s imperative to note that sizing with taekwondo shoes is extremely tricky. Because the movements during wear has to be precise, shoes that will not be wide width will not fit those who have wide feet. In fact, some need you to size up one or two full sizes in order to get the width you need. Taekwondo shoes are generally thinner and not as wide because of the range of motion needed and precision needed to execute each move. The bulkier and heavier the shoe, the less precise the movement will be. By reading the size chart and double checking, you ensure that you’re going to get the size you need.

Durability: Taekwondo is an intensive sport and uses feet more often than you think. One of the most important aspects of taekwondo shoes is that they need to be durable in order to withstand the average lifespan for shoes of this sport. Generally, shoes don’t wear out as fast, but because of the foot movement intensive sport, the pressure and high-impact action happening when using your feet tends to wear out shoes quicker, no matter the material. For the rookies, it’s important to note that taekwondo shoes wear out MUCH faster in general than your average shoe. Learning to lifespan of a shoe depending on the area of taekwondo you’re studying will enable you to feel at ease when you go through your first pair of shoes (or two). It will happen, and it’s okay since it’s an intensive sport.

Your budget: Of course, your budget is one of the most important aspects besides the aforementioned. When you purchase shoes, you can usually find decent ones in a lower price range. You don’t need to have a ton of money to get into taekwondo, as the sport is becoming more common, as are the shoes that are on the market – lowering the general price of them. If you find a shoe that’s inexpensive, you won’t have any issues re-purchasing when your shoe wears out. It’s not like industry tools where the better they are, the price rises, despite how common said profession is. In fact, most taekwondo shoes are affordable to the average person.

Training: While breaking the shoes in for competition is important; it’s also imperative to note if you train. The shoes you use for training should generally be the shoes you wear for competitions (if you partake). Breaking your shoes in during training will allow you to feel comfortable with them more quickly during intensive movement sessions. If you are a competitive taekwondo participant, training is essential to the success of your competitions.

Now, let’s take a look at quick tip or two before purchasing the desired shoes for your needs.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Taekwondo Shoes for Your Needs

There aren’t too many tips we haven’t covered already, but below, you’ll find a few extras you should think about that wasn’t mentioned above.

Are they durable enough for training? The aforementioned question is key, as if they aren’t durable enough to withstand training, they aren’t superb enough for competition. If all you do is train and they don’t hold up, you definitely don’t want a pair that doesn’t.

Now that you’ve learned quite a bit about what to look for when purchasing the best pair of taekwondo shoes, take a look at some of the shoes we’ve found, curated, and reviewed below.

The Best TaeKwonDo Shoes

Mooto Wings Korea TaeKwonDoe Shoes TKD Competition

Mooto Wings Korea TaeKwonDo Shoes TKD Competition


Available at an attractive price, the aforementioned competition shoes manufactured by Mooto are one of the most sought-after pairs on the market. Coming in two different color variations, along with being two-toned, these shoes boast a number of features including the following:

  • Synthetic leather material
  • Lightweight (240g total)
  • Size range from 4.5 to 14
  • Durable with excellent traction

Breakdown of the Features

One of the most appealing features of these shoes is the fact that they are lightweight, despite being composed of synthetic leather materials. Weighing around 240g total, these shoes will allow you to make those precise movements quickly, without weighing your foot down. With excellent “adhesive” (traction) on the bottom of the shoe, your movements and feet will not slip or stray. The synthetic leather does have a high durability, and because of the architecture of the shoe, movements are streamlined and provide a great fit during said movement.

The Advantages of the Product

There are a ton of advantages to these shoes, despite their simplistic design. One of the aforementioned features is that it’s lightweight. During competition, it’s imperative that the pair of shoes is not too bulky or heavy. In having a heavier shoe, you’re going to have a limited range of movement and won’t be able to nail those precise movements. Another advantage is their laceless, overall structure. The streamline design allows movement to be quick and with ease. Quickness of movement and your ability to move is one of the most important aspects of shoes, especially those for a sport that includes a competition aspect.  With a wide range of sizes, these shoes have little disadvantages to them. We’ll discuss that in the next section, though!

The Disadvantages of the Product

We can’t find too many disadvantages of this pair of shoes; however, something that should be looked at includes the wide-width aspect. If you’re someone who has wider feet, your sizing for this shoe might be a little off. Those who do have wide feet will have to make sure to purchase one to two sizes larger than your normal size in order to compensate for the thinner structure. While it’s not a total disadvantage, and doesn’t have to do with the actual performance of the shoe, it’s one of the most important pre-purchase features to note.

Adidas TaeKwonDo Adilux Shoes

adidas Taekwondo Adilux Shoes


Manufactured by one of the most well-known shoe brands, Adidas has released a TaeKwonDo specific shoe infused with their traditional logo and design. The Adilux shoes from Adidas have a number of features, but should be read more about before purchasing. When we get to the advantages and disadvantages section of this review, read carefully. Features of the aforementioned include the following:

  • Shoes for indoor training (no laces)
  • Torsion sole
  • A rubber sole that’s non-markable
  • Lightweight with a ton of support

Breakdown of the Features

Made specifically for indoor taekwondo training, these Adidas shoes have great grip, a great design, and a torsion aspect of the sole that’s composed of three parts in order to support the middle area of the foot. Without support in this area, you may see your movements fail easily. The rubber sole allows for pivoting at certain points while eliminating the ability to leave scuff marks on the floor. The aforementioned pivot points mentioned happen to lie under the heal and under the front area of the foot. Being lightweight, you can get those precise movements in with ease.

The Advantages of the Product

There are quite a few advantages to these shoes, including being able to independently move certain parts of your foot without interrupting others. In being able to do this, you can get pinpoint precision, which is much needed for taekwondo moves. With training, ability to move is super important. The arch support is lightweight, which aids in the performance of being able to move those areas independently. Stability on the floor as well as adaptation to your surroundings is seamless when wearing these shoes, as well. Laceless shoes that are lightweight and have a structure that’s perfect for training, Adidas have infused their world of fashion with the world of practicality in sports.

The Disadvantages of the Product

Unfortunately, there is a disadvantage that may deter those from purchasing the Adidas TaeKwonDo shoes.  While Adidas is a great brand that usually fits comfortably, the sizing of this pair of shoes is a bit janky. The “as expected” fit only reads 55%, and you may have to look closely at the size chart before purchasing said shoes. However, once the sizing is all figured out, the performance of the shoe excels with ease.

Star Sports Martial Arts Shoes

Star Sports Martial Arts Taekwondo Karate Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes


The next pair of shoes on our list promises to deliver a great performance for not only TaeKwonDo, but for other martial arts sports like karate, Kung Fu, and even Tai Chi. With a great design that is affordable, features of the aforementioned shoes manufactured by Star Sports Corp include the following:

  • Extra carrying bag included
  • Multiple stitching during those tough stress points of the shoe
  • Raised heel, laceless design
  • Performance is high with this shoe, incredible durability

Breakdown of the Features

With many shoes, especially for sports shoes, every pair claims to be durable, With the Star Sports Marital Arts shoes, we think they’re telling the truth. The overall design allows high-performance and durability due to the multiple stitching in the areas of stress that tend to wear out quicker. With the ability to compose a great shoe and target the stress points, those points of interest won’t wear out as quickly during training or competition. The laceless design and slip-on factor allow nothing to get in the way of you successfully using this shoe. Maximum durability and exquisite craftsmanship during the creation of this shoe allow your movements to excel while wearing these shoes.

The Advantages of the Product

A primary advantage to this pair of shoes is that it does boast about having extra stitching in the areas of stress points. Having this ensures that those areas won’t be the first to go, creating more durability and longevity. Created for more sports than TaeKwonDo, they’re meant to withstand a wide range of movements. With an extra carrying bag included, you don’t have to worry about losing them or not being able to transport them before training or a competition. If you’re someone who wears a different shoe as you enter your area of practice and want a safe place to keep your shoes, this is definitely a little advantage!

The Disadvantages of the Product

There aren’t too many disadvantages to this product, seeing as how the actual composition of the shoe is well made, and the structure of the shoe fits well with most. However, the sizing of the shoe doesn’t have a wide range and only fits those between size 8 and 12. The aforementioned leaves little room for those to size up or down if their width or size isn’t on the list. While not affecting the performance of the product at all, it’s something to think about.

Adidas KICK Shoes – Martial Arts Sneaker

adidas® KICK Shoes Martial Arts Sneaker White with Black Stripes


Another martial arts shoe manufactured by Adidas, this affordable shoe appears more like their traditional shoe style if you were wondering. Apart of the TaeKwonDo line – this shoe is specifically in men’s sizing. If you’re wondering about the features, continue reading further:

  • A style of lace shoe
  • Lightweight, fantastic fit and great grip rubber
  • Laces are short, for fixation purposes
  • Point of pivot on the sole

Breakdown of the Features

Created specifically for martial arts, Adidas has infused yet another sports shoe with their traditional Adidas design, providing strength and durability during usage. While the shoe is generally well-received by the public, there are some things you should know. You can found out more about the above below in our advantages and disadvantages section. For now, let’s discuss other features of this shoe. The laces are short and have a cover of sorts so they don’t unlace and hurt you while performing, along with the laces being short for purposes of fixation. Beyond this, there’s a pivot point on the sole of the shoe, allowing for better grip and individual movement of different areas of your feet. With great grip rubber, you don’t have to worry about slipping or that move being messed up by anyone other than you – after all, we spend money on tools of the trade for them to benefit us, right?

The Advantages of the Product

One of the advantages of this shoe is that there is a pivot point on the sole, along with the short lace aspect. You’re still able to control how tight they are while protecting yourself from falling if the laces come undone. Having this will “door” feature on the top of the shoe will allow your foot to fit better and provide a better performance. The overall lightweight design is aesthetically pleasing, and provides quite a bit of traction and grip.

The Disadvantages of the Product

The only disadvantage of this product is that the shoe has a bit of a weird sizing system. The “as expected” aspect chimes in at 57%, and could be improved upon, but once you learn their size chart and research more on your size in TaeKwonDo shoes, these shoes are definitely worth a second look. Their performance is great once you get past the sizing issue. Beyond this, if you’re a female, it’s imperative to note that the sizes listed for this shoe are men’s. Depending on the brand, you may have to size down one to three sizes from your normal shoe size.




Last on our list is yet another choice from Adidas. Mixing a traditional design with modern sports, the SM II shoes are actually some of the more popular shoes on the market for TaeKwonDo from Adidas. More well-received than others from Adidas, features of this shoe include the following:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Can be used for casual wear or intensive workouts/sports
  • Single lace design
  • Sole has pivoting abilities for mobility to be increased
  • Women order one size smaller because of men’s size listed
  • Extra-light, soft leather

Breakdown of the Features

There are a lot of little features this shoe boasts including the lightweight, soft leather design. The single lace design with cover allows you to cater to your feet specifically while providing a bit of safety during intensive workouts. Beyond this, it can be used for both casual wear and your workouts. While not specifically for TaeKwonDo, this is a shoe that should be a contender.

The Advantages of the Product

The main advantage of this shoe is that it’s lightweight, and durable. Composed of soft leather that’s flexible and gets the job done, these are great for both intensive workouts and casual wear. Let’s not forget about the single lace design with cover, allowing you to tighten shoes and cover safely so you don’t get hurt during wear, whether you use this for sports training or casual wear.

The Disadvantages of the Product

There are a few disadvantages to this product that don’t directly affect the performance of the aforementioned shoe. One of the disadvantages includes the sizing: it fits as expected 77% of the time according to other users, and women must order one size smaller. Once you research more on your foot size with Adidas shoe, you’ll have no problem wearing the Adidas SM II shoes.

The Final Verdict

It doesn’t matter if you’re new or old to the taekwondo scene, finding the perfect pair of shoes can be difficult when you’re a perfectionist. If you’re still unsure of which pair to buy due to the overwhelming possibilities, we suggest that you look towards the Mooto Wings TaeKwonDo competition shoes. Durable and lightweight, they are perfect for training as well as competitions, of course. Created specifically to aid users in competition, the aforementioned shoes manufactured by Mooto are one of the best pairs on the market.

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