Helly Hansen Hydropower 4 Shoe Review

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4.6/5 on May 16, 2017

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Helly Hansen Men’s Hydropower 4 Shoe has many features and qualities that make it a great product. These shoes not only come in four various colors, but they also come with an array of features that are great for infusing your feet with the outdoors. The aforementioned features include:

  • Synthetic mesh
  • Quick dry mesh
  • Antibacterial technology
  • Grip that’s multi-directional

Breakdown of the Features

This synthetic mesh of the Helly Hansen Men’s Hydropower 4 Shoe gives additional support to the feet and has greater durability than your typical leather shoe, these types of shoes are designed to retain their form, therefore, giving greater durability and support. This synthetic mesh is also water resistant and designed to give breathability as well. Not only will your feet be supported, but you will have great durability and frequent air flow through the shoe.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that the quick dry mesh is another great additional feature to the Helly Hansen Men’s Hydropower 4 Shoe. The dry mesh helps keep your feet completely dry when used for outdoor activities and is made from a fabric that allows the shoe to dry faster than your average pair. Those that need these shoes for outdoor activities will love this feature, as it provides a solution to a common annoyance.

The Helly Hansen Men’s Hydropower shoe also features antibacterial technology. The aforementioned means the fabric has been chemically treated or they have incorporated the anti-bacterial chemical agent into the fiber. The aforementioned ensures that the fiber or fabric is resistant to the growth of micro-organisms. Thus, having this feature reduces odor, staining and material degradation of the shoe. Without this antibacterial technology, not only will the shoe be affected, but the person wearing it as well. The growth of microbes can pose a serious threat to the health of anyone that it encounters making the implementation of antibacterial technology a great feature to have.

The multi-directional grip has exceptional traction and prevents users from slipping or falling easily. With this design on the outsole of the shoe, it will provide superb grip for any outdoor water activities.  The grooves are placed in multiple directions to create more traction – making it easier for you to grip onto things that are slippery or uneasy.

The First Impression of the Product

I always had trouble looking for a shoe to wear for camping. In return, I would always go back to wearing flats or sandals because I could never find a shoe that I could function in. I would worry about my socks getting wet or that I would slip while fishing, I’ve actually experienced injury while camping due to footwear – never again will I wear sandals fishing! I found The Helly Hansen Men’s Hydropower 4 shoes while browsing around on Amazon, and was pleasantly surprised at what it offered. It caught my attention with its dark color scheme and quick dry mesh. The first thing that popped into my head was, “Wow, I’ve got to test these out!” When they first came in, I absolutely fell in love with the color and the style. The grip on the bottom of the shoe was also intriguing due to my intended purpose for using (camping and fishing, of course!)

I use The Helly Hansen Men’s Hydropower 4 for fishing and outdoors all the time now. I always end up accidentally stepping into the water when we are trying to get the boat into and out of the water. The best part is I can just step into the water without worrying about wet socks because the shoes dry fast. It is also a lot easier to step into the boat because of the amazing grip it has. The color I picked was the charcoal. You don’t have to worry about how dirty you get it because of the darker color scheme it has. The shoe is all about quality. I would highly recommend this shoe to anyone who loves the outdoors and likes to feel a bit safer with their stability.

The Advantages of the Product

The Helly Hansen Men’s Hydropower 4 shoe has great durability, stability, and quality. The synthetic mesh has great support. The quick dry mesh is an absolute “must have.” It dries very quickly and helps keeps your socks from getting wet. You get way more stability and traction with the multi-directional grip within this phenomenal shoe.   

The Disadvantage of the Product

The only downsides to having this shoe would be the sizing of the shoes. The sizing chart online seems to be off. It seems they either run too small or too big for some people. I would also include inserts for the shoe. The shoe is flatter footed than arched.

What’s in the Box?

Within the contents of this package, you should receive the desired pair of shoes along with laces. While there aren’t any extra accessories, there usually aren’t when it comes to buying shoes online.

The Final Verdict

The Helly Hansen Men’s Hydropower 4 shoes are a highly-recommended shoe. Mostly due to the multiple functions, it comes with. The primary purpose being the multiple directional grips, which is perfect for stability. Other functions mentioned also help with support and are considered a “must have.” The shoe helps prevent moisture and wet socks, while the antibacterial technology keeps the shoe odor, staining, and material degradation in check. The Hydropower shoe provides guaranteed quality for the outdoors at an affordable price.

The Helly Hansen Men’s Hydropower 4 shoe has yet to disappoint me. I use these shoes for anything and everything outdoors because the quality is genuine and different – no more wet or moist socks! The smell and color and durability of the shoe is great, and I don’t have to worry about a gross chemical smell. The aforementioned features a well-rounded shoe design that I feel I won’t have to replace anytime soon. Say goodbye to those flats and sandals and say hello to stability! Anyone looking for a high-quality shoe for the outdoors will want to take a gander at a pair of the Hydropower.

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