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TaeKwonDo is a serious sport that takes patience and core strength. Without utilizing the proper tools of the trade (or hobby, we should say), that core strength cannot be exercised to its full potential. Using a pair of TaeKwonDo shoes made specifically for the stunts you’ll be performing will ensure that your body, positioning, and core will benefit the most. If you’re someone who competes and wants to meet competition standards, the aforementioned shoes that are manufactured by Mooto are ones you should check out. Features of the Mooto Wings TaeKwonDo shoes include the following:

  • Tight fit – must order a size or two higher
  • Synthetic leather material
  • Size range from 4.5 to 14
  • Adhesive is fantastic
  • High durability

Breakdown of the Features

The fit of this shoe is the most important think to look at, as it can propose advantages and disadvantages. We’ll discuss those later, but it’s worth mentioning that the general sizes range from 4.5 to 14, but you should order a size or two higher as the fit is quite tight. The tightness aspect is largely due to the sport you’re participating in, but a seasoned veteran of the sport should already know this. The tight fit ensures that your precision is on point and you won’t have to worry about shoes coming loose or being too heavy. The adhesive aspect is excellent, and the overall structure of the shoe can ensure quite a bit of wear and tear. The top of the shoe features a gradient that is specifically for Kyurugi, which enables you to excel in positioning and even training before the competition. While it’s a lightweight material, the shoe is compact and fits the tightest to ensure that you’ll be ready for action and won’t mess up due to poor quality footwear.

The back end of the shoe is designed so that the shape is streamlined and provides a sleek fit for the best performance possible. Available in black or white for an attractive price, those who are serious about competition should look into this simplistic pair of TaeKwonDo shoes.

The First Impression of the Product

My first impression of the product was that it looked heavy (like a basketball shoe) on the listing, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn of its lightweight aspects. Because of this, I was intrigued to continue reading further about the qualities of said shoe. I found that it’s lightweight, sleek, and provides support for your core during the toughest of activities. The color palette could use a bit more variation, although it’s definitely not needed, as the performance and neutral palette alone is a great way for both men and women to enjoy the shoe and incorporate it into their performance. Those who are into TaeKwonDo aren’t as materialistic with items such as their shoes from what I learned, so I wasn’t surprised to see a set of shoes that weren’t bold in design. Patience and core strength are two things I’ve learned heavily about with this “sport”. I was also initially nervous about the shoe sizing, seeing as how for those with wide feet may have to order multiple sizes up because of the tightness of the shoe. I thought that maybe there would be too much space between the edge and my toes, or something crazy, and I thought I would have wasted money. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case, and I had to break the shoes in a little bit. Being a synthetic leather, there is a bit of stretch, but not a whole lot, which adds to the tightness of the shoe.

The Advantages of the Product

There are only a few advantages of the product (only because there aren’t many features or aspects of this shoe). One of the advantages is the composition of the shoe. The sleek structure and architecture ensure streamlined precision in each move you execute during your competitive routine. In having this structure, your performance is amplified all while meeting competition standards. The leather that’s synthetic boasts being high durability, and this will be needed for intensive training, as well as holding up during tough competitions. One of the fittest shoes for TaeKwonDo, you don’t have to worry about unreliability.

The Disadvantages of the Product

There aren’t many disadvantages to this product, and the only one we can really think of is the sizing issue. While this actual shoe doesn’t boast whether it’s male or females, we can, unfortunately, tell it’s geared more towards male sizing. However, knowing this, you can convert female feet to the exact size. Beyond this, the disadvantage is that those with wide feet while have to size up one or two sizes in order to get the width correctly. Once the shoe sizing situation is figured out efficiently, the performance is superior to many of its competitors.

What’s in the Box?

In the contents of this package you won’t find much, other than the actual shoe itself. However, You’re paying an affordable price for competition-worthy shoes. Did you expect to get cheats with it, too? Totally kidding, although the performance makes up for any disadvantages that this shoe comes with – including the accessories aspect.

The Final Verdict

Overall, we believe that the Mooto Wings Korea TaeKwonDo shoes are definitely worth a glance and most definitely worse a use or two in your training activities and your competition performance. As we mentioned, with streamlined precision due to the composition of the structure of the shoe, this pair of footwear excels in performance and ensures that the movement you want is reflected in the physical movement you’re trying to produce. While there aren’t a plethora of bold colors to match your personality, the quality of the shoe is fantastic and available to those on a budget. You won’t have to spend hundreds to find the perfect competition shoe thanks to Mooto bringing professional shoes to a consumer level. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a rookie, these shoes will serve you well.

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