Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX Basketball Shoe Review

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4.5/5 on January 2, 2017

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The Nike Men’s LeBron Soldier IX Basketball Shoe was created with performance in mind. One of the many LeBron series basketball shoes (which they keep making for good reason) is a highly-recommended shoe for any basketball player, regardless of experience level. Features include the following:

  • Mesh
  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight lateral support
  • Rubber pods
  • Hexagonal pattern

Breakdown of Features:

The mesh construction allows the wearer to let their feet breathe, no matter how heated the game gets. The Flywire cables integrate with the foot strap to allow the user to customize the amount of lateral support based on their footwear needs. The rubber pods and hexagonal patterns add durability to the tread of the shoe as well as allow the wearer to get traction during quick turns, reverses, and changes of direction- no matter which way they take you.

First Impression

My first thought was literally “oh my color!” There is a color option and combination for every personality, style, and outfit that you could possibly imagine- making this a shoe that you can use for both casual outings as well as playing basketball.

Who is this Product Aimed At?

The Nike Men’s LeBron Soldier IX Basketball Shoe is made for anyone who enjoys playing basketball, likes comfortable shoes, enjoies having traction on their shoes that won’t fail, or someone who simply likes the way they look. Really, this shoe has something to offer everyone, regardless of where you go and what you do!


  • Options: they have options and colors for everyone’s needs. They also allow to tie and/or strap on the shoes, allowing you additional options that most shoes cannot accommodate.
  • Breathability: their mesh construction allows ample amounts of breathability, ensuring your feet will always be cool and sweat-free.
  • Comfort: all footwear, regardless of what you’re doing in it, should be comfortable! These shoes are not only exceptionally comfortable, but they’re also lightweight and high performance for those of you who want to play basketball in them.


  • They’re not good for all-weather conditions: since they are made of mesh, they’re not great in the rain or snow. This shouldn’t be a huge deal, however, as most outside basketball games do take place on nice days.
  • They fit everyone differently: they may be too wide or narrow for some or too big or slightly too small, even if you think you got your shoe size. However, that can be said from pretty much any brand of shoe and you can always return them and order a different size if they don’t fit the way you want them to.

The Final Verdict

I would highly recommend this shoe to anyone who enjoys basketball, or just likes collecting nice looking shoes. The variety of sizes, colors, and styles that the Soldier IX comes in promises to offer something in some style for everyone.

As I said before, I would absolutely recommend the Nike Men’s LeBron Soldier IX Basketball Shoe to anyone, even if you’re not a basketball playing fan. They’re a great shoe that offers fantastic comfort, flexibility, traction, and durability to anyone who wears them.

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