Nike Romaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review

If you are a weightlifter looking for the right shoe, one that can take as much of a beating as you do at the gym, you’ve come to the right place. The Nike Men’s Romaleos weightlifting shoes are specially made with you in mind. Don’t wait to get weightlifting shoes. In case some of you don’t know the game of weightlifting, I will explain what all this stuff below means, so just bare with us. The Nike Romaleos offers a plethora of appealing features, including the following:

  • Upper made with synthetic fabric
  • Designed to lock your foot in place
  • Flexible inside lining elastic
  • Designed for maximum stability
  • Contoured heel
  • Adjustable liners for soft and firm training

Breakdown of the Features

The instant I got these shoes I knew I had found the right ones, but for those new to weightlifting here is an explanation of what you’re actually looking at with these options.

Not to be confused with powerlifting shoes which are built for different foot positions, weightlifting shoes are made to allow you to snatch, clean, jerk, and squat with relative ease. I cannot overstate how important specially designed weightlifting shoes are in order to perform safely. If you think for a second, you will be OK learning how to lift weights in your sneakers you aren’t even ready for a gym membership, let alone squatting with weights.

If you don’t know what you’re doing or have the right equipment to do it you not only endanger yourself but everyone else who is fool enough to be around you. These shoes are designed to help the rest of your body support heavy weights while keeping your feet firmly placed where they need to be. No slipping, no sliding. The stiff synthetic fabric is often similar to that found in golfing shoes and is used to add a little protection to your foot as well as bracing the foot for impact. I can say that these shoes are without a doubt the toughest weightlifting shoes I have ever had. The exterior is much more firm than I thought shoes could be made.

When buying them, my first impression was how good they looked. I’m not one for fashion really, especially when I’m at the gym. But, I do have to say I really like the way these shoes looked, not too much going on but enough to know they thought about the design for more than a second. Not too shabby, Nike. That was promptly followed by how hard the synthetic material was when I picked them up. Trying them on was almost like putting on steel toes boots. While they are heavy, they can be adjusted, but after I adjusted to the weight, I can safely say these are some amazing weightlifting shoes.  We’ll touch base on this more below.

The firmness of the material allows you to go smoothly into squats and clean lunges without your foot sliding around or flex in the shoe. After getting used to it, I actually like how heavy they are as it uses gravity to help keep my feet where they need to be. I’m not trying out for the Olympics or anything, but if I were, I don’t think I would have to upgrade my shoes at all.

The Advantages of the Product

You don’t need to have any brand loyalty to see these Nike Romaleos shoes are some heavy hitters in the weightlifting department. The firm synthetic upper will offer little protection to your foot as well as help to keep your foot aligned and in place. The Nike Romaleos features an elastic toward the front of the toe which can be adjusted for the secure and stable base needed for heavy weightlifting. There is also a flexible elastic on the inside of the shoe’s lining to assist you further in maintaining stability and control.

The contoured heel helps the lifter reduce the strain on the ankle which takes pressure off the Achilles tendon in order and diminishes the difficulty of keeping your foot firmly placed while in the squatting position. This is enormously important for preventing injury, as, without it, your Achilles can contract, causing a reflex throughout the entire foot resulting in unpredictable foot movement. This shoe also comes with adjustable liners so you can switch them out depending on the type of training you plan on doing. The softer liners are designed for training while the more firm liner is meant to be used in competitive lifting.

The Disadvantages of the Product

There are really only two downsides to the Nike Romaleos. The first is the price. They are definitely on the higher end of the scale, and I could see why this might deter some beginners from investing in them, though that would be a mistake. I would argue that beginners might need to invest more in a quality shoe because they won’t have their form down yet or know how to stand and a better shoe could reduce the likelihood of injury. Yes, they are definitely in the higher range when compared to many of their competitors, but they make up for it by the aesthetic appeal of the shoe’s design and the quality material used to make them as sturdy and stiff as they are.

Which brings me to the second downside – they are actually super heavy. The material used to make them is very thick and sturdy, and I am an enormous fan of the stability it adds to my lifting, but they definitely take some getting used to. Due to the thickness of the material you also sacrifice some breathability, but overall I think it is worth what this shoe delivers.

The Final Verdict

Overall, I think the Nike Romaleos Weightlifting Shoes are a great product, and I would recommend them to weightlifters of all experience levels. I know the price would probably deter a lot of beginners, though I think that would be a mistake on their part. The weight naturally helps your foot stay in place, and the firm outer material is vital for stability and form. I think these are a great product and I would definitely purchase them again.

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