SABO Deadlift Shoes Review

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Sabo Deadlift Shoes have a unique design that makes them stand out when compared to shoes made by other manufacturers. They come in four variant colors: lime, black, red and gray, and they also have a number of features to support your feet and increase the amount of weight you can lift. Features of the aforementioned shoe include the following:

  • Two lateral straps
  • Side support on the outsole
  • New anatomy specially created for deadlifting
  • Thin soles 2mm – 5mm

Breakdown of the Features

The two lateral straps (metatarsal and ankle straps) of the SABO Deadlift Shoes allow them to fit different individuals irrespective of the size of their legs. SABO Deadlift Shoes are also the first deadlifting shoes to be able to boast of this particular feature. They also allow for precise tuning for the thickness of the foot, ankle, and heel so that they don’t slip as you walk. The ankle strap on these shoes sucks in your feet thus giving you the perfect grip.

The side support on the outsoles is very important, especially for deadlifting athletes who have to spread the floor. The sides of the SABO Deadlift Shoes are made of reinforced material that provides ample support to your feet. Unlike sumo slippers, you can easily do this with these shoes without your feet rolling over. Also, the side support and pattern on the outsoles brings the probability of slipping to the absolute barest minimum.

SABO Deadlift Shoes are specialized for deadlifting and strength workouts. Their unique design protects your feet from heavy lifting related injuries such as platypodia (flattening of the arches). It provides maximum ankle stability. The soles feature firm grips and flexible forefoot, which makes it suitable for pulling off various powerlifting stances, including, squats.

The thin and flat soles, measuring between 2mm and 5mm, decreases the pulling distance because, relative to the athlete, the barbell is higher up than the floor. Shorter pulling distance means that the athlete can lift more weight. The ultra thin soles are also tough enough that they do not compress under heavy weight, which could be a bit discomforting and could also affect your balance.

First Impression of the Product

For a while, I had been looking for a shoe that could fit into my sumo deadlift and other kinds of lifting I engage in whenever I hit the gym – which I do pretty frequently. I stumbled on the SABO Deadlift Shoes during one of my random searches on the Internet. The overall design and specifications were the first attraction I had for this pair of shoes. When they arrived, I was immediately charmed by the ultra-thin soles, which, from my experience, are the best for deadlifting. I went for the black color so that it matched my gym outfit. (I was pretty glad the product was available in different color ranges).

The moment I slipped my feet into these shoes, it felt like my heels were locked into them, especially when I fastened the ankle straps. The size I purchased was a bit bigger than the size I normally wear, but thanks to the dual straps, the shoes fit perfectly well without my feet moving uncomfortably around in them. The material used for the production, from a first look, radiates quality and I give it a “thumbs up.”

The Advantages of the Product

The outsoles are made from reinforced material, which feels strong and prevents slipping. It has an overall good construction and the ultra-thin sole is really great for deadlifting. It also protects the arches of your feet from flattening. The heels will not compress under the weight of your load. The design is also new and I got a few compliments on them when I wore them to the gym.

The Disadvantages of the Product

The only aspects of the SABO Deadlift Shoes that I felt could be perceived as disadvantages are the shoelaces, which happen to be a little bit too long the shoes – we’re talking about 6 inches too long. Also, those who are into squatting stances may have a difficult time with this pair of shoes because it lacks heels – (but that doesn’t mean squats cannot be pulled off with ease with this shoe). Another problem United States customers may encounter is converting the size since SABO Deadlift Shoes are Russian manufactured shoes and are made with standard European sizing; however, the aforementioned issue can easily be sorted out by measuring the length of your feet in millimeters, (add 5mm to the measurement of your feet) and then converting it with a standard chart that you can find on Google.

The Final Verdict

SABO Deadlift Shoes are highly recommended because of the side supports, which provide added stability and prevent slipping, and the thin soles, which increase the amount of weight that you can lift. The reinforced material used for the manufacture of this product is one that can guarantee durability.

Irrespective of the flat soles, it can still be worn for squats. In the range of shoes with flat soles for powerlifting on the market, SABO Deadlift Shoes stand out as some the best because of the way the ankle and metatarsal straps grip on the feet, minimizing the movement of your feet. The SABO Deadlift Shoes happen to be the first deadlifting shoe to come with a dual strap and laces. 

Max Barbell is currently the only distributor of the SABO Deadlift Shoes in the United States and they are known to ship orders within 24hrs. In my personal opinion, these shoes are definitely worth the hype and I’m pretty sure anyone who needs a good quality deadlift shoe would certainly agree. If you are in the market for a quality pair of deadlift shoes, I urge you to try the SABO Deadlift Shoes.

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