Vapor X500 SR Skate Shoe Review

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5.0/5 on January 2, 2017

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The Vapor X500 SR skate is an essential for anyone who wants to improve their skating performance. Skates are arguably the most important tool you can have if you intend to be on the ice, and this one has some fantastic features that even beginner skaters can appreciate. Features include the following:

  • Heat moldable
  • Tuuk Super stainless steel runner
  • Heel and ankle support for comfort
  • Lightweight design

Breakdown of Features:

The lightweight design is great for improved speed and mobility, while the heel and ankle support helps prevent injuries while keeping you comfortable for as long as you feel like practicing or playing. The stainless steel runner is durable, rust-resistant, and stays sharp to help coax the best performance out of your skates. And they’re also heat moldable, which improves the feel of your skates and helps break them in faster.

First impression:

Although their sleek design is what initially caught my eye, my first thought was about how light they are for such a durable and bulky looking shoe. They weigh in at a mere 810 grams (which is under 2lb for those of you who aren’t familiar.) Although they may look bulky, they’re really sleek compared to most other hockey skates on the market.

Who is this Product Aimed At?

These skates would be best suited for an intermediate hockey player as they aren’t as forgiving as a beginner would need them to be. They are also more forgiving than someone who’s more advanced would be able to perform best with. They’re also great for someone who wants a combination of both performance and stability when skating, practicing, or playing.


Price: the skates are priced at a very attractive deal for such a high-quality hockey skate.

  • Comfort: the skates can be heat molded to improve the break-in time, and they also come with heel and ankle support to improve comfort. Regardless of what you’re doing, or what type of footwear is required, if you’re not comfortable you won’t perform at your best. And these skates definitely won’t give anyone that issue.
  • Durability: durability is certainly a high consideration when any sports equipment has to be purchased. These skates can certainly withstand a good number of falls, stumbles, throws in the closet, and any other wear-and-tear that can be expected to be bestowed upon skates.


  • Not intended for beginners: these skates are not intended for beginners as they don’t have the additional support a beginner skater will need, as more falls will certainly be taken. However, they’re a good option to keep in mind once the beginner skater has graduated to intermediate skater.
  • May be too rigid for someone more advanced: these skates may be too rigid for someone who is a more advanced skater as they won’t offer as much flexibility in your movement. However, the amount of movement a skater prefers is an entirely personal decision and if you prefer more ankle and heel support it may still be a good option.

The Final Verdict

I would certainly recommend the Vapor X500 SR skate to anyone is considering trying them. They have a lot of great benefits to intermediate hockey players at a really great price. They’re not only durable, but they’re also made of some sturdy material that is sure to hold up to the wear and tear that an occasional scuff or fall may bring with it.

The Vapor X500 SR skate is a great skate for someone who already knows their way around a rink, and I’d certainly recommend it if you’re considering giving it a shot. Especially since the price point is very appealing for even the most budget-conscious skater who wants a quality skate.