Vibram Men’s KMD LS Cross Training Shoe

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Manufactured by Vibram, a leader in cross-training shoes, the Men’s KMD LS cross-training shoe is one for the more experienced, but definitely great for amateurs who understand the concept of said shoe. Available at a great price, the VIbram enables sleek movement of the foot while providing sound stability. However, those aren’t the only features that this shoe boasts. Other features include the following:

  • A nylon + polyester mesh mash-up
  • A rubber sole
  • An upper also composed of nylon/polyester mesh
  • Lug patter, helps with grip during movement that’s lateral
  • Outsole is Ice Trek
  • Zero Drop
  • Can machine wash, but only air dry

Breakdown of the Features

The overall design of the shoe provides stability and structure in combination with sleek and flexibility in the movements. If you’re someone who’s new to the world of cross-training and aren’t’ exactly comfortable with the idea of single areas in the shoe for your toes, you may not want to step into these just yet. The rubber sole mixed in with the upper that’s composed of a nylon and polyester mesh mixture enables you to be able to have a solid structure around your foot that doesn’t compromise your movement. After all, movement and flexibility is imperative when amidst cross-training. With zero drop and an Ice Trek outsole, the comfortability and performance of this shoe is far superior to many of its competitors on the current market for cross-training shoes. The inclusion of a lug patter that’s circular enables you to grip even better during any movement that is lateral. In having this, you potentially eliminate the possibilities of harming yourself during cross training.

The aforementioned pair of shoes actually aid you in feeling better after your cross training is finished. Those who get shin splits and often have knee pain should find some sort of relief in their footwear. Of course, with any shoe, there will be a break-in period, but that’s expected – especially with shoes that are for fitness related activities. Purchasing the perfect size for you will give you a comfortable option for cross training that will make sure your feet are stable during training. Those who have weak ankles may find a bit of relief wearing these, too.

Being a lightweight shoe, you don’t have to worry about your footwear being too heavy. When cross training, extra weight is unnecessary and can actually harm you. The wrong pair of shoes can damage you in more ways than one, virtually sabotaging your training session. Once you become accustomed to the aforementioned shoe, the shape and look of the shoe becomes second nature, and provides an incredible amount of flexibility, as if you’re not wearing shoes at all.

It’s worth mentioning that there are multiple areas of fitness that these shoes can be worn for, whether you’re a street runner, someone who does hefty sessions of cross-training, or if you’re just someone who wants to wear a comfortable pair of shoes while working that alleviate their pain. In the rest of this article, you’ll find answers and assurance if your heart is set on the Vibram Men’s KMD cross-training shoes. If you’re looking for an impression of the product, along with advantages and drawbacks, continue reading.

The First Impression of the Product

At first, I wasn’t totally sold on the toe-shoe aspect of this footwear, but after extensive research on the benefits, I thought I would try it. For such an attractive price, I couldn’t really pass it up, especially since I was in dire need of a new and reliable fitness shoe – more specifically for cross-training. My first impression was, “do I need to wear toe socks?” The answer is no, but it may help to those who hate running without shoes, like myself. I’m still getting used to the aspect of toe shoes and socks, but I can say that it definitely works out the leg muscles. Initially, I was nervous about the leg muscles being sore, but because they’re a new pair of shoes and cross-training is still a new fitness routine to me, I decided to stick it out. Boy, am I glad I did. I feel less pain doing more intensive workouts now, then I did when I was doing less intensive, basic workouts with memory foam running shoes. To me, that’s an insane comparison. I got so used to feeling pain after a workout that I started to normalize it, but now I’m learning that the non-pain, perfect shoe route was the way to go, assuring my initial impressions about the shoe. I’ve also thought about wearing these during retail shifts because of the advice of others, so it’s worth trying if you need a little help in other areas of standing or walking – like your job.

The Advantages of the Product

One of the beautiful advantages of this product is that it doesn’t require you to wear them for cross training only. While wearing these during cross training will help you immensely, those who stand on their feet all day for work (retail, not construction related activities), may find solace in a shoe as such. Not only does this shoe hug the contours of your feet and cradle them in a stable cloud, but the general posture of the user is said to improve, and back pain related to standing and posture has the potential of eliminating rather quickly. Of course, the aforementioned advantages naturally help boost energy levels, increasing your mood and making you more bearable to be around (not that you weren’t anyway), but we all have those days (especially in retail jobs or when we’re having an off-day at the gym). The previously mentioned pair of Vibram shoes for men can also be worn by women, which is another advantage. All you have to figure out as a woman is your shoe size in men’s, which is typically 2 sizes smaller than your shoe size in women’s. Once you’ve been able to pinpoint your shoe size, you can find the appropriate cross-training shoe for your training style.

For this shoe, it’s important to note that they will initially feel tight as you have to break them in. Once broken in, we think you’ll never want to wear another pair of cross training shoes again – that’s how much of a great product they are! Those that understand cross training shoes will see this as a benefit because of how hard it is to find a quality pair of cross training shoes that last a long time. Combine this with their durability due to their structure, and you have a virtually perfect cross-training shoe.

While those who use these for working probably won’t be wearing these for fashion purposes, this pair of Vibram shoes comes in an array of color options from black/gray/yellow to green, lime green, blue, gray, and other colors. Having a variety of colors available enables you to match with what you need to and present a bit of aesthetically pleasing options for your cross-training experience. Some people are as healthy as they are vain, and we think these shoes will do the trick in multiple aspects – vanity (visual appeal), and health purposes. A solid and durable shoe that provides an ample amount of support is a shoe that will eliminate many of your posture and pain problems while training.

The Disadvantages of the Product

One of the primary disadvantages of this product is that if you’re looking to cross train outside in the winter, especially in cold and snowy areas, you probably shouldn’t be going to these for your go-to shoes. The reason being is that these shoes are extremely lightweight and thin, which may prove to not be such a good idea in these weather conditions. However, those who cross train typically don’t do that in the snow, but there are other shoes out there for those that do. It’s important to note that this doesn’t affect the actual performance, it just affects how your feet feel towards certain weather conditions during workouts. However, there is a solution to this problem, and many have noted that wearing comfortable and thick toe socks could assist you in wearing these throughout the more damper weather conditions, including snow! While this disadvantage isn’t an end-all, and shouldn’t deter you from purchasing, it exists along with a solution.

Another disadvantage is that it’s lightweight. If you’re looking for a bit more weight on your feet while cross-training, you may to look somewhere else for a custom style of shoe or a weighted shoe. While this isn’t a true disadvantage, it’s something to note for those that are looking for something heavy and solid. Despite the aforementioned “disadvantages”, this shoe is extremely durable and reliable. Those that have heavy workouts and training sessions have seen these shoes last upwards of two years at a time, which is an incredible length for such distress on nylon and polyester mesh materials. The quality of the build of this shoe is superior to many on the market, despite it being much more lightweight and much less expensive than others.

The next disadvantage isn’t a true drawback, but something to be noted during cleaning. While you can wash with your washer, you must leave it on cold and you must air dry it. Because of the materials, you don’t want to use other settings or dry it in the dryer because you could risk it shrinking, especially after being exposed to cold water. While it’s not a true disadvantage either, it’s something that should be noted while you attempt to clean your shoes. For those that are extremely nitpicky with how clean they are, this could be a large disadvantage, although we don’t think that it would really impair the performance of the shoe – unless you end up shrinking it; then you wouldn’t be able to use them at all!

What’s in the Box?

We can’t say that there is much that comes with this shoe, other than the shoes themselves and a specific warranty. However, if you buy these from a non-certified seller, then you’ll be voiding the warranty automatically. Each shoe and site that’s certified may have a different warranty under Vibram’s warranty umbrella, and you must find out this specific information beforehand. Older models of this shoe have Velcro straps, but now there is a lace type mechanism equipped that allows for more flexibility without over-loosening. While there aren’t a ton of accessories that is offered with these shoes, any accessories you do purchase won’t be expensive, and these shoes fulfill their intended purpose with ease and at an affordable price. Not only are they comfortable, but they come with a warranty that will assure you that you can count on the quality that Vibram offers.

The Final Verdict

Overall, no matter what you’re wearing this for, whether it’s for general comfort, comfortability while working and standing on your feet all day, or cross-training, this pair of Vibram Men’s KMD LS will do the trick. The sizing is just right (unless you’re a woman who’s converting their shoe size), and the durability is perfect for those who need longevity and flexible structure during fitness routines. It’s important to test out toe socks with these shoes as they may improve comfortability for those that are new to wearing toe shoes. For every disadvantage listed above, there is a solution, and for every advantage, there’s a reasoning for someone to be purchasing the aforementioned Vibram shoes. We believe that they fit great, their priced perfectly, and they beat out many of the competitors on the current cross-training foot market. While it’s a specific niche, it’s a niche with many competitors being put to the test of best cross-training shoe. Flexibility and durability is no stranger with this pair of shoes and we hope that our run-down of features, accessories, advantages and disadvantages will guide you in making the correct fitness decision for your feet. At the end of the day, your feet are the most important aspect of your body when training or doing any sort of walking or running, and a great pair of shoes is pivotal in the success of your workout. Don’t be too scared to splurge!

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